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The NCR has appointed 3 Registered Payment Distribution Agencies (PDAs), to handle the distribution of all consumer payments under debt counselling.

Once under debt counselling, the consumer will pay one, consolidated payment every month to the payment distribution agency.

The PDA will distribute the money to all your accounts, as per a payment schedule, which your debt counsellor and creditors negotiated, and you agreed to.

We make use of the National Payment Distribution Agency or NPDA. NPDA is one of the biggest and oldest distribution agencies for consumers under debt counselling.

NPDA has one of the most advanced payment distribution programs in SA.

They distribute payments daily to creditors, to cover all pay dates of consumers.

Consumers receive distribution statements from the NPDA after every distribution.

NPDA banking details:

Account name : National Payment Distribution Agency (Pty) ltd
Bank : Nedbank
Branch : Pretoria Business
Account number : 105 333 1703
Branch code : 149 745
Reference number : <Consumer ID number>

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